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  Identifier English Arabic  
5 account.claimAccount.playerIsAlreadyClaimed This account has already been claimed. (Not translated) Edit
6 account.claimAccount.step1.headline Step 1 (Not translated) Edit
7 account.claimAccount.step1.text Start your %game% client and join the auth server with the IP address %ip%. (Not translated) Edit
8 account.claimAccount.step2.headline Step 2 (Not translated) Edit
9 account.claimAccount.step2.text Enter your Minecraft username and the token you got from the auth server below. (Not translated) Edit
10 account.claimAccount.step3.headline Step 3 (Not translated) Edit
11 account.claimAccount.step3.text Click "Claim this account". (Not translated) Edit
12 account.claimAccount.success The account has been claimed successfully. (Not translated) Edit
13 account.claimAccount.tokenMustBeNumeric The token must be numeric. (Not translated) Edit
14 account.claimAccount.unknownPlayer This account could not be found. (Not translated) Edit
15 account.editProfile.discord.linked Your Discord account has been linked. (Not translated) Edit
16 account.editProfile.discord.unlinked Your Discord account has been unlinked. (Not translated) Edit
17 account.editProfile.information Connect with Discord (Not translated) Edit
18 account.editProfile.information.headline Information (Not translated) Edit
19 account.editProfile.labymodCapes.headline LabyMod Capes (Not translated) Edit