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488 flash.serverVerificationMethodNotAllowed That verification method is unavailable for this server. (Not translated) Edit
489 account.claimServer.dns.step1.text Log in to your registrar or domain name service provider. In most cases this is the place where you bought the domain, like NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc. If you are using CloudFlare or a similar service, log in there instead. (Not translated) Edit
490 account.claimServer.dns.step2.text Navigate to your domain's DNS settings and add the following record. This is a TXT record which is used to add static information to your domain name and to verify ownership. This does not have any impact on where your domain points to. (Not translated) Edit
491 account.claimServer.dns.step3.text Click the button below to check your domain's DNS records. If successful, the server will be marked as claimed for your current account. Please note, that it might take a while before your domain's changes are in effect. In that case, you may return to this page later. (Not translated) Edit
492 account.claimServer.dns.step2.value Value (Not translated) Edit
493 Name (Not translated) Edit
494 account.claimServer.dns.step2.type Type (Not translated) Edit
495 account.claimServer.dns.step2.ttl TTL TTL Edit
496 account.claimServer.dns.submit Check DNS records (Not translated) Edit
497 flash.serverVerificationFailed Verification failed. Please check your configuration or try again later. (Not translated) Edit
498 account.claimServer.motd.step1.text Navigate to your server settings files. Unless you have installed special MotD or server list plugins, you will need to find the file. (Not translated) Edit
499 account.claimServer.motd.step2.text Adjust your server's list message. It should read out the verification token without any formatting or color codes. If you are using the default file, use the following line: (Not translated) Edit
500 account.claimServer.motd.step3.text Restart your server and click the button below to check your server's status. If successful, the server will be marked as claimed for your current account. Otherwise, check that your server properly displays your verification token in the server list. Once your server has been verified, you can change your MotD back. (Not translated) Edit
501 account.claimServer.motd.submit Check your server status (Not translated) Edit
502 account.servers.claimServersInfo To claim another server, enter your server's IP address in the search bar and click the "Claim this page" button. (Not translated) Edit