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466 skinFile.alex.title Alex (Not translated) Edit
467 skinFile.mojangStudios.title Mojang Studios (Not translated) Edit
468 skinFile.steve.description One of the default Minecraft skins (Not translated) Edit
469 skinFile.steveAlpha.description One of the default Minecraft skins (Not translated) Edit
470 skinFile.alex.description One of the default Minecraft skins (Not translated) Edit
471 skinFile.mojangStudios.description The cape's design resembles the 'Mojangs' or the 'gadgets' that make up the Mojang Studios Logo. (Not translated) Edit
472 skinFile.optifineDeveloper.title OptiFine Developer (Not translated) Edit
473 skinFile.optifineDeveloper.description This cape was only given to the developer of OptiFine, sp614x. (Not translated) Edit
474 account.servers.noServers.headline No Claimed Servers (Not translated) Edit
475 account.servers.noServers.description You have not claimed ownership of a server yet. To do so, enter your server's IP address in the search bar and click the "Claim this page" button. (Not translated) Edit
476 server.claimInfo.headline Are you the owner of %name%? (Not translated) Edit
477 server.claimInfo.description Sign in and claim this page to add information and set up voting rewards! (Not translated) Edit
478 server.claimButton Claim this page (Not translated) Edit
479 account.claimServer.headline Claim a Server Page (Not translated) Edit
480 account.claimServer.chooseMethod.headline Choose a Verification Method (Not translated) Edit