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  Identifier English Ukranian  
758 flash.browsingHistoryDisabled Your browsing history will no longer be recorded. (Not translated) Edit
759 account.browsingHistory.empty.headline Your browsing history is empty (Not translated) Edit
760 account.browsingHistory.empty.description No browsing history has been recorded so far. Make sure you enable history recording if you want to be able to find old skins and capes again. (Not translated) Edit
761 account.browsingHistory.title Browsing History (Page %page%) (Not translated) Edit
762 button.clearBrowsingHistory Clear browsing history (Not translated) Edit
763 pro.perk.usernameAlerts.headline Username Availability Alerts (Not translated) Edit
764 account.usernameAlerts.empty.headline No alerts defined (Not translated) Edit
765 account.usernameAlerts.empty.description Want a Minecraft username that's taken already? Define an alert and we'll tell you when it becomes available. (Not translated) Edit