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  Identifier English Bosnian  
880 twitch.antispam.fakepurgesfilter.announcementMessage Fake purges are not allowed (Not translated) Edit
881 twitch.antispam.linksfilter.announcementMessage Links are not allowed (Not translated) Edit
882 twitch.antispam.longmessagesfilter.announcementMessage Your message is way too long (Not translated) Edit
883 twitch.antispam.punishment.timeout Timeout (Not translated) Edit
884 twitch.antispam.punishment.warning Warning (Not translated) Edit
885 twitch.antispam.spamfilter.announcementMessage Please don't spam (Not translated) Edit
886 usage.mention @Mention (Not translated) Edit
887 yoshino.headline Yoshino - a fast and reliable bot for Twitch, Discord and YouTube! (Not translated) Edit