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Context Screenshots


  Identifier English Italian  
12 account.claimAccount.success The account has been claimed successfully. (Not translated) Edit
13 account.claimAccount.tokenMustBeNumeric The token must be numeric. (Not translated) Edit
14 account.claimAccount.unknownPlayer This account could not be found. (Not translated) Edit
15 account.editProfile.discord.linked Your Discord account has been linked. (Not translated) Edit
16 account.editProfile.discord.unlinked Your Discord account has been unlinked. (Not translated) Edit
17 account.editProfile.information Connect with Discord (Not translated) Edit
18 account.editProfile.information.headline Information (Not translated) Edit
19 account.editProfile.labymodCapes.headline LabyMod Capes (Not translated) Edit
20 account.editProfile.noPrimaryPlayer Please link your Minecraft account, before editing your profile. (Not translated) Edit
21 account.editProfile.optifineCapes.headline OptiFine Capes (Not translated) Edit
22 account.editProfile.skins.headline Skins (Not translated) Edit
23 account.editProfile.skins.noTextures You currently don't have any files of this type. (Not translated) Edit
24 account.editProfile.skins.textureRemoved The file has been removed from your profile. (Not translated) Edit
25 account.editProfile.skins.unknownTexture Unknown texture ID. (Not translated) Edit
26 account.editProfile.socialMedia.headline Social Media (Not translated) Edit