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  Identifier English Romanian  
1 account.claimAccount.failedToVerifyToken Failed to verify the token. Please try again later. (Not translated) Edit
2 account.claimAccount.howTo How to claim an account (Not translated) Edit
3 account.claimAccount.invalidToken This token is invalid. (Not translated) Edit
4 account.claimAccount.invalidTokenLength The token must be six digits long. (Not translated) Edit
5 account.claimAccount.playerIsAlreadyClaimed This account has already been claimed. (Not translated) Edit
6 account.claimAccount.step1.headline Step 1 (Not translated) Edit
7 account.claimAccount.step1.text Start your %game% client and join the auth server with the IP address %ip%. (Not translated) Edit
8 account.claimAccount.step2.headline Step 2 (Not translated) Edit
9 account.claimAccount.step2.text Enter your Minecraft username and the token you got from the auth server below. (Not translated) Edit
10 account.claimAccount.step3.headline Step 3 (Not translated) Edit
11 account.claimAccount.step3.text Click "Claim this account". (Not translated) Edit